Chang Wa Wong, anglicised to Vernon, is a welfare footballer in Sydney. He is born in 1997 and is friends with Ola Mooy and Nick Jackson.

He has relations, a sister Crystal (born 1982) (Married to 1982 born Carson Poon Tan, they have a baby Harry born 2014), brothers Edgar (born 1984), Felix (born 1991), Mao (born 1993) and Liam (born 2002) along with Liam's twin sister Lucy (born 2002).

When he was 5, and his younger twins were born, his family moved to Sydney, leaving Crystal and Edgar behind as they had finished school.

Crystal is now a lecturer at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. She lives in Po Ham, Hong Kong.

Edgar still resides in Taipa, Macau and works as a security guard in the airport.

Felix graduated from Sydney University in 2013 and works in a bank in Sydney.

Mao is still studying at the University of New South Wales.

Liam and Lucy have just started Crestwood Secondary school.

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